...building international consensus...

The Digital Cultural Content Forum was established in 2001 to foster international information exchange among agencies engaged in the digitization and delivery of the global digital cultural heritage. Its objectives include fostering relationships, developing shared knowledge and undertaking activities to promote creativity, innovation and excellence in the digital cultural content sector.

The goals of the Forum are to:

  Work in an international context with agencies that share similar missions to share experience and knowledge and to present integrated results;
  Mutually develop a global, transdisciplinary vision that crosses information domains and promotes the role of cultural institutions in education and learning;
  Define common research needs and strategies and create a framework for collaboration;
  Understand the needs and expectations of users and potential users of digital information worldwide;
  Promote cognitive research that will underpin the education and learning goals of cultural heritage institutions worldwide;
  Promote the use of standards and best practices for the creation, presentation, management, use, preservation, and interoperability of digital content;
  Encourage the dissemination of research results to each participant's communities;
  Provide a liaison between cultural industries and the research community; and,
  Avoid duplication of work being done by other international organizations.

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